Boat Storage

Boat and Trailer StorageAs summer winds to an end and the number of fall decorations and pumpkin spice lattes ramps up, there are some necessary chores to do to prepare for shorter days and cooler temperatures.  For many people, this means the days of wakeboarding, fishing, whale watching, and other boating activities are over.  In a previous blog post, we discussed the reasons that you might want to store a vehicle.For the cooler weather, storing your boat may be necessary, and we’ve compiled some tips on how to ensure that your boat is in the best storage condition as possible.  As always, make sure to do your own research and consult the manufacturer for the best information.

The first step is ensuring that your boat is clean.  This is much more important than the average cleaning, as grime and dirt can speed the deterioration of materials.  Spend some extra time washing and waxing the boat, cleaning the windshields, picking up those cushions and giving them a thorough clean, and all the other little things that aren’t as necessary when the boat will be used again soon.

Another important tip is to fill up the tank with fuel.  If the gas tank is not full, condensation can corrode the inside of the tank, or worse, cold weather can freeze the condensation, creating worse issues.  You will also want to remove many of the items that are non-essential and that can contribute to retaining dirt and moisture. This includes life jackets, skis, ropes, and the other items the live most of their lives on the boat.

For more tips on boat prep, check out this article  by Sea Star Solutions or this article from  If you are interested in storing a boat, we have a number of boat storage locations  that can accommodate your needs, including boat storage in Phoenix and boat storage in Corona.

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