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Spring Cleaning – Part Two

vacuumOkay, so in the last post, we talked about spring cleaning and renewal. We talked about the history of spring cleaning, and we talked about how easy we have it nowadays, and we talked about dust bunnies. We may be approaching the moment when we have to stop talking about cleaning and actually start doing it. But wait! First, we have to assemble our tools and cleaning products. Continue reading

Spring Cleaning, Part One

feather dusterIf you are starting to see those little green buds on the trees outside your house like I am, if the breezes feel like a refreshing drink of water, if the baby bunnies are nibbling at your garden (shoo bunnies!) then it must be spring. Spring is a wonderful time of renewal. The great outdoors beckons, it’s time to throw open the windows and let in some fresh air. And if the fresh spring breeze stirs up the dust bunnies in the corners (shoo bunnies!), the time may have come for a little spring cleaning as well. Continue reading