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Make it a Happy Father’s Day

Father's DayNews flash: according to Today Money, “Americans are expected to spend about $7.4 billion less on gifts and goodies for dads this Father’s Day than they spent on moms for Mother’s Day last month, according to the National Retail Federation.”

Are you shocked? Probably not. It’s not that we don’t love our dads. The article does go on to point out that there is more stuff to buy for mom, and men are notoriously harder to shop for. Truth be told, most dads would probably rather get a nice Starbuck’s gift card than another questionable tie anyway. But over the years, your dad has probably accumulated a fair amount of “stuff”, courtesy of Father’s Day: knitted golf club covers; “World’s Greatest Dad” emblazoned coffee mug, t-shirt, key ring, and mouse pad; a mounted singing big mouth bass; a complete set of unredeemed, hand-made, personal coupons good for back rubs, etc.; a Snuggie in a manly blue color – you get the idea. Continue reading