Monthly Archives: December 2013

Who Needs Healthcare When You Have Shelf Space

With all the talk about healthcare and who’s in charge or should be in charge – sometimes we need to look to ourselves to take charge. One area we can do just that is by creating a less hazardous home.

Think of a clutter-free home as a great way to stay healthy by avoiding accidents. Countless people are injured every year when they trip over objects in the home or garage – objects that would normally be safely tucked out of the way – if only there were enough room. Continue reading

You Live Where?

Our self-storage location managers are often asked how much will fit into a 5×5, a 10×15, or 10×20,  storage unit. Sometimes they answer by saying that you can fit the contents of a 1 bedroom apartment into it, or it that a certain size will accommodate a 2 bedroom house. Well, the way things are trending around the world, we may need to come up with some different descriptions.

What used to be touted as “NY’s Smallest Apartment” or “London’s Tiniest Flat”, now have a name of their own – micro apartments. Wikepedia defines these accommodations as being between
150 and 300 square feet. But do a search on the Internet and you’ll quickly find them a lot smaller, too. Continue reading