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Top Ten Reasons to Rent a Storage Unit – Part Two

top-ten-2We talked in the last post about how there are times in our lives when having a storage unit can really make our lives better – taking the pressure off during transitions, taking the clutter out of our lives, even helping us start a business. A quick recap of the first five reasons: 1) Downsizing; 2) Seasonal storage; 3) College students; 4) Baby proofing; 5) Business storage.

And now, without further ado, the next five great reasons to rent a storage unit! Continue reading

Top Ten Reasons to Rent a Storage Unit – Part One

top-tenThere are times in our lives when having a storage unit can really make things better. Sometimes it allows us to de-clutter our homes, giving us the space to live more comfortably. Other times it might be a place to help our dream of business success grow. And sometimes, it can really take the pressure off during big transitions in our lives. We are going to talk about some of these situations in the next two posts. Rather arbitrarily, we have picked ten, but there are many more. And we are not going to “count down”, because the No. 1 reason to rent a storage is unit going to vary from person to person. After all, the No. 1 reason to rent a storage unit is the reason you have, right? But it very well might fit into one of these categories. So if some of these are issues in your life, consider how using off-site storage might make it better.

Now (in no particular order) we bring you the first five of the top ten reasons to rent a storage unit: Continue reading

‘Tis the Season for Savings

seasonal-salesEveryone knows the best time to buy turkey-shaped place mats is the day after Thanksgiving, and the best time to buy Christmas decorations is the day after Christmas. Retailers just can’t keep those seasonal items in stock, and slash the prices to clear the shelves. But it’s not just consumers who benefit from these end-of-the-season sales. Small business owners and retailers can take advantage of this opportunity to add items to their inventory that they can use or sell during the next holiday selling cycle, at a savings of as much as 75-80%. Continue reading

The Future of Self-Storage Looks Bright (and Attractive!)


No longer relegated to the edge of town next to the defunct drive-in theater, today’s self-storage facilities are bright, clean, and designed to fit in with the aesthetics of the local neighborhood. In a previous post, we talk about the historical roots of the storage industry, beginning as it did in warehouses in the industrial part of town. Even after its transformation in 1960’s Texas to the “self-storage” industry, where you could drive right up to the door of your unit, the facilities were still visually unappealing and usually in the low-rent district. But flash forward to the 21st century, and as the demand for off-site storage has increased, consumers have come to expect more upscale, conveniently located facilities.

In addition to attractive modern architecture, these re-imagined self-storage facilities often offer special amenities, like covered loading docks, elevators, access to moving dollies and rolling carts. Luxurious landscaping features often brighten the environment, and air-conditioning, controlled access, and security cameras are par for the course. Continue reading

Store Your Sports Equipment in Glendale, Arizona!

deflated-footballGlendale, Arizona is making big news this month. The national media just can’t get enough of it. I’m sure you aware of all the fuss being made over Glendale being the home of the new state-of-the-art Dollar Self Storage facility. And it is also host to that sporting event, what’s it called? Oh yeah, the Super Bowl.

The Seattle Seahawks and the New England Patriots will square off in Super Bowl XLIX, which will take place this Sunday at the University of Phoenix stadium in Glendale. This is the second time Glendale has hosted the Super Bowl, the first time being in 2008.

As part of the city-wide celebration, the manager of the Glendale Dollar Self Storage is offering special prices for storing:

  • Deflated Footballs
  • Marshawn Lynch Press Quotes
  • Uneaten Chicken Wings
  • Unused Pro Bowl Tickets

The manager was also quoted as saying: “Good luck to the Seahawks and the Patriots – one of which will be the last Super Bowl winner before the start of an Arizona Cardinals dynasty!”

Spring Cleaning, Part One

feather dusterIf you are starting to see those little green buds on the trees outside your house like I am, if the breezes feel like a refreshing drink of water, if the baby bunnies are nibbling at your garden (shoo bunnies!) then it must be spring. Spring is a wonderful time of renewal. The great outdoors beckons, it’s time to throw open the windows and let in some fresh air. And if the fresh spring breeze stirs up the dust bunnies in the corners (shoo bunnies!), the time may have come for a little spring cleaning as well. Continue reading

It’s Winter! Grab the Sunscreen!

RV storageSo here we are in the middle of January, and my winter sweaters are languishing in a box under the bed, because it’s 85 degrees outside. Southern California and the Southwest always enjoy mild winter weather – that’s why the “snowbirds” from the Midwest flock to us. But this is ridiculous. Let’s look at some temperature comparisons:

January 15, 2014
Duluth, MN:       15°       Corona, CA:                      85°
Detroit, MI:        27°       Santa Fe Springs, CA:      85°
Chicago, IL:      19°       Phoenix, AZ:                      71°

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