Monthly Archives: February 2016

Spring Training 2016 Comes to Glendale

baseball-stadium-seatsIf you are a baseball fan, the Cactus League spring training in the Phoenix area offers an unparalleled experience. You can see half of the Major League’s 30 teams play, all within less than an hour’s drive of each other. Not to mention the beautiful surroundings and the warm weather, when much of the rest of the country is in an icy grip.

One of most impressive spring training facilities is in Glendale, AZ, a neighborhood in West Phoenix. The amazing Camelback Ranch facility is home to the Los Angeles Dodgers and the Chicago White Sox. With more than 118,000 square feet of Major and Minor League clubhouse space, 13 full baseball fields, three half-fields, and seating for more than 13,000 fans, Camelback Ranch is one of the largest and most scenic facilities in the Cactus League. Continue reading

Preserving Priceless Memories, Part III

film-reelWe have talked about preserving home movies, videos and old photographs by transferring them to more technologically up-to-date formats in two previous posts (Part I and Part II). But there is one more important consideration: when reformatting family memories, you should be aiming for two goals: viewable copies and archival copies. Which is to say, if you scan your old photographic prints so you can email them to family members or look at them on your phone, that’s great – but don’t get rid of the original photographic print or negative, because that is your archive. Continue reading