Dishing Out More Space

Storing Dishes

In many restaurants, space is at a premium.  Despite the open and spacious layout that is the norm in most eateries, behind the scenes is often a different story.  Pots and pans are stacked haphazardly anywhere they can fit, utensils are piled in bins, and spare dishes and glasses line the walls.  It’s important to have a fully stocked storeroom with extra glasses, plates, and many of the other items needed to serve food.  If these dishes were indestructible, there wouldn’t be an issue.  They are not, however, and this can lead to problems.

It is quite routine for a customer to drop a glass, the bus boy to lose a plate, or the dishwasher to break a bowl.  These eventualities are almost certain, it’s the price that must be paid to use nice dining ware.  If everything was paper and plastic, dishes could be broken left, right, and center and nobody would blink an eye.  The issue is, a restaurant is supposed to bring an aspect of class and elegance to the table, this cannot be achieved with paper and plastic.  Thus, breakable glass has to be used.  When dishes break there are extras kept on hand.  But what happens if more than the normal number of dishes get broken, the extras are all used up, and there are none remaining for the following day?

Typically, it is beneficial to keep a greater inventory of supplies in order to avoid the restocking time of items being shipped, but because of limited space, these cannot always be kept in the restaurant itself.  That’s when a storage unit can be an excellent idea.  Keeping extra items in storage is valuable so that at a moment’s notice, the restaurant can be replenished, and nobody will have to worry about a shortage of dishes.  These small details can allow the staff to have less on their plate, and therefore allow them to shift their attention from the inner working of the restaurant to a providing good customer experience.

Dishes aren’t the only things that can be kept in storage.  There are a vast number of needed extras.  Among these could be chairs, tables, new pans, cleaning supplies, extra menus, and a host of other items.  All this extra inventory helps produce a smooth-running establishment.  If you have a restaurant in the North Las Vegas or Chandler areas, check out our newest Dollar Self Storage facilities to kick start your restaurant road to success.

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