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Spotlight on Corona

CoronaCABecause of the sky-rocketing cost of living in Los Angeles, Corona is sometimes thought of as a bedroom community for people working in L.A. But Corona has a lot more going for it than affordable housing. With a heritage spanning over a century, a population of 154,000, more than 394 acres of parks, a historic downtown district, and iconic cultural and educational centers, Corona is home to a diverse, well educated, family-oriented community. Recently, businesses in Northern Orange County have been relocating to Corona to be close to their work force and take advantage of a favorable economic climate.

Some of the things we love about Corona:

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It’s Winter! Grab the Sunscreen!

RV storageSo here we are in the middle of January, and my winter sweaters are languishing in a box under the bed, because it’s 85 degrees outside. Southern California and the Southwest always enjoy mild winter weather – that’s why the “snowbirds” from the Midwest flock to us. But this is ridiculous. Let’s look at some temperature comparisons:

January 15, 2014
Duluth, MN:       15°       Corona, CA:                      85°
Detroit, MI:        27°       Santa Fe Springs, CA:      85°
Chicago, IL:      19°       Phoenix, AZ:                      71°

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Ringing in the New Year – Resolutions the Easy Way

Lose weight, get in shape, get organized, do more, do less, we’ve all made at least a few New Year’s resolutions in our time.

Some resolutions require a lifestyle change and some require a single act of action.

For me, the resolutions that tend to be more successful are those requiring a single act. Lifestyle changes take more than just a jotting down a foggy wish on a napkin at the breakfast table on January 1st. They take a whole mental shift, a concerted effort to change who you are. Well for the most part I kind of like who I am (at least most days), I just want a few improvements.

So look to “single-act” resolutions that can positively impact your life.  This works especially well if that impact then extends beyond the single action. Some examples:

  • Want to lose weight, take your neighbor’s dog for a walk.
  • Want a nicer yard, dig a hole.
  • Want to get organized, sign up for a bigger storage unit.

Now experts might call this addressing the symptoms and not the problems, but I say “Hey, if you’re not coughing, sneezing or feeling lousy, does it really matter that you have a cold”, – of course not.

So here’s how it works …

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