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Spotlight on Las Vegas NV

Las Vegas City Image

To celebrate the grand opening of our newest storage location serving the West Las Vegas / Enterprise, Nevada area – we’ve harkened back to our “Spotlight” series, and take the opportunity to tell you a little bit about the area surrounding.

Las Vegas certainly needs no introduction but we’ll introduce it, anyway.

Las Vegas – a city now known world-wide for its gaming and gambling industry, officially incorporated in 1911, just a year after Nevada actually outlawed gambling. But that was not the first of the seeming contradictions that are connected with the city. Going back further – to 1855, the area was first settled (and subsequently abandoned), by a group of Mormons who likely would never have imagined that its future nickname would become “Sin City”.  Then, in the early 1930’s the desert city became home to workers building the huge Hoover Dam, which would create the nearby Lake Mead. A huge body of water in the midst of the arid valley.

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