Stored Memories

storage of memorable itemsWe all go through life collecting memories. We collect them in our head, heart and the material things around us. The christening gown your mom saved for you, the high school year books signed by people who once meant so much to you, your old varsity jacket, your wedding dress, the blankets you brought your baby home in, photos of parties, milestones, life….and the list goes on. When you look around your home, memories are attached to the things that you keep. In your 20’s there aren’t too many “things”, but as you get older and life keeps going by those things start collecting. Add in a spouse and a couple of children and all of a sudden you realize you have more things than you ever thought you needed, but you can’t seem to part with them. You cringe when you think of your home becoming like an episode of hoarders, but the emotional attachment to these sentimental things keeps you from being able to throw them out. Because you never know, your daughter may want to wear your wedding dress one day…or your grand-babies will want to see your yearbooks and some of the old toys you used to play with.  Instead of trying to purge and get rid of these memories, store them. Think of a storage unit as the computer for your material memories.  All your photos are stored on a computer, which you have access to at any time.  This spares you having to print them out and keep bins and bins of photos stored in your home.

Dollar Self Storage is the perfect place to store your material memories (and we’ve just opened a new self storage location in North Las Vegas). You can have access to them at any time, and you free yourself from having to store them at home. It’s the perfect computer for your material memories!

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