Love the Holidays – Hate the Storing

storing holiday decorationsChristmas is always such a wonderful time of year. The mood around town is festive, homes are decorated with lights, a Christmas tree and all sorts of festive décor fill our homes with warmth. But come January 1, most of us are ready to pack up Christmas and put it away. But boy, Christmas sure takes up a lot of room.

Every year, I am amazed that over half of the garage is filled with bins that hold Christmas items. Bins that are taking up precious garage space….bins that are only needed for a very small window of time. Come to think of it, when taking inventory of the bins in the garage most of them hold decorations for a holiday that comes around once a year. Whether it’s to decorate for Easter, Halloween, Fall, or Christmas, most garages are holding containers that you don’t need to have access to 24/7. This precious space could be used for a million other things.

The perfect solution to this problem of course is renting a storage unit! It’s much more cost effective than moving and is much easier than trying to sit down with the family and negotiate which decorations get to stay and which have to go (and if you are like most families – after a long discussion – nothing, and I mean nothing, ever gets tossed).

With storage locations conveniently located in Southern California, Arizona, and Nevada including newly opened locations in North Las Vegas and Chandler, Arizona, Dollar Self Storage is the perfect place to store these items that you don’t need daily to make room for all your new Christmas toys.

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