It’s Winter! Grab the Sunscreen!

RV storageSo here we are in the middle of January, and my winter sweaters are languishing in a box under the bed, because it’s 85 degrees outside. Southern California and the Southwest always enjoy mild winter weather – that’s why the “snowbirds” from the Midwest flock to us. But this is ridiculous. Let’s look at some temperature comparisons:

January 15, 2014
Duluth, MN:       15°       Corona, CA:                      85°
Detroit, MI:        27°       Santa Fe Springs, CA:      85°
Chicago, IL:      19°       Phoenix, AZ:                      71°

I know I should be grateful. Earlier this month, when they were trying to survive sub-zero temperatures in the Midwest and the East, it was in the 70’s here. But a long, dry hot spell when you were expecting a little rain and some cooler weather can take a toll, both mentally and physically. (Not to mention financially. I will not turn on the air conditioner in January!)

So I’ll pour a tall cool drink, turn on the fan, and count my blessings. But honestly, these high temperatures can take a toll on more than just your comfort level. That’s why all of our storage locations offer air-conditioned units. Using an air-conditioned storage unit protects your belongings from extremes of temperature, and can better preserve the things that mean the most to you, like family heirlooms, computers, photos, and books.

Oh, and if you happen to be a snowbird looking for some sunshine, we have RV storage in the following locations:

Apache Junction, AZ
Phoenix, AZ
Tucson, AZ
Corona, CA

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