An Uncluttered Mind

uncluttered areaIt’s not uncommon for people to ask our managers about whether or not our storage units are equipped to become an office or if they can be used as a workout room. The short answer is no. Although we store a lot of office items and business inventory, and also a lot of exercise equipment that is temporarily not being used – units are just not able to be used for those type of ongoing activities.

However, it’s likely the real reason for someone’s desire to use a storage unit as something other than a place to store things in is that it’s clean, uncluttered, and often air-conditioned. It’s away from the distraction of family, co-workers, phones, and to-do lists stuck on the refrigerator.

Order and tranquility are what are wanted; an uncluttered environment to think or work-out in. Shape magazine  had an excellent article of the benefits to mental and physical health of an organized environment.

So the logical answer is to create that ideal room within your current home. Typically that means clearing out a current room or making room in the garage to build an enclosed area or create an uncluttered space. Whether you are in the Phoenix, Tucson, Las Vegas, or Southern California area we can help with a place to store the items you displace. So bring that clutter over to us and we’ll be happy to store it for you!

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