Minimalism – Fad or Future

minimalism - bird on a wireThere is a lot of talk about minimalism these days. It may be coming about because as “first-worlders” we have the ability to accumulate a whole lot of stuff. We also have access to so much information and so much distraction that we can start to feel lost in the vastness of our personal empires of gadgets, user profiles, and twitter feeds.

Whatever the cause, the attraction to rid ourselves of clutter can become compelling. Joshua Fields Millburn & Ryan Nicodemus, two Minimalists,  have become well known by their journey to minimalism and their positive feelings toward it. However, the truth for many of us is that after venturing into a life free of clutter we find we’ve also entered a life free of the options we’re used to, free of alternatives, and free of the right tool for the right job (because we gave away every tool but our hammer).

Unfortunately, until you actually try it, you likely won’t know if the simpler life for you will just be your future or just a fad. So do yourself a favor. Before you give it all away consider storing it with us instead. Try minimalism on for size. Does it fit – if so, you can start the liquidation process in earnest. If it doesn’t, start moving the rest of the dishes, forks and knives, the 2nd and 3rd TV set, and your lawn flamingos back from your storage locker and into the fold.

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