How to Choose a Lock for Your Storage Unit

We have been locking up our valuables for a very long time. Six thousand years ago, people used ropes and complicated knots to ward off robbers. Then the Ancient Egyptians invented a pin tumbler lock made entirely of wood.  It is believed the Romans were the first to use metal for their locks. These days, although high security government facilities may be moving toward futuristic biometrics to keep things secure (think eye scans), most of us still rely on the traditional lock and key. With every new innovation in the technology of locks, the principal remains the same: limit access to your stuff to those with the key! Continue reading

Spotlight on Mesa

mesaMesa, Arizona is beautiful, bustling city that is located in Maricopa County, 15 miles east of Phoenix. It is a must-see destination for tourists and outdoor enthusiasts, as well as a thriving community in its own right. Mesa is the third largest city in the state of Arizona, with a population of 439,041 according to the 2010 census, and still growing. Considered part of the larger Phoenix Metropolitan Area, it is bounded on the north by the Tonto National Forest, 3 million acres of rugged and beautiful country which includes the legendary Superstition Mountains. To its west lies Tempe, to its east lies Apache Junction, and to the south is Chandler. Continue reading

Self-Storage for Home Business Owners

picture-framesDo you run your business out of your home? Self-storage can save you time and money. If you let your inventory and supplies take over your work space, you are not going to work as efficiently, which can really drag down the profitability of your home business. Here are a number of scenarios where self-storage is a good idea:

  • Have a lawn care service? Store vehicles, lawn mowers, and other equipment, etc. in a storage unit instead of trying to store it in front of your home where you might run into zoning restrictions.
  • Selling stuff on eBay or Etsy? Store your inventory in a storage unit so it doesn’t impact the quality of life in your home.
  • Do you custom build items, like wood cabinets? Store them in a storage unit so you have room to continue working in your workshop.
  • Are you an artist? Like to work with extra-large canvases or life-size sculptures? Extend your studio with a self-storage unit.

In addition to the obvious advantage of extra space, here are some other advantages for home business owners: Continue reading

Mothballing the Fleet

shipEver wonder what to do when you have something really big to store?  Ask the U.S. government. They have been mothballing fleets of military ships since World War II, off the coast of California, Texas, Mississippi, North Carolina and New Jersey. Photographer Amy Heiden was allowed access to the fleet in Suisun Bay in Northern California, and captured some dramatic and haunting images of the ghost ships. The Suisun Bay fleet used to number as many as 340 ships. That number is dwindling, as ships that have outlived their usefulness are dismantled and scrapped. (One ship in Suisun Bay avoided that fate — the USS Iowa, which was moved to San Pedro and is now an official naval museum.)

Dollar Self Storage in Corona offers storage units up to 1,000 square feet at our Third Street location. Not big enough for a battleship, perhaps, but if you looking to “mothball” your riding lawnmower, it might be just the ticket!


Repurposing Your Child’s Room When They Move Out

hobby-roomAn empty nest can be a happy nest. In a previous post, we talked about using tough love to get your children who have left the nest to stop using your house as a storage unit.  Now that you have tackled that issue, you are faced with the delightful dilemma of what to do with all that extra space. When you finally have the green light to repurpose your grown child’s bedroom, the possibilities are almost endless. Craft room, office space, meditation retreat, home theater – name your bliss.

There are some very sound reasons to do this that you might not have considered. A 12’ x 12’ room actually represents a sizeable percentage of your overall floor space. Most of us don’t live in big, old rambling houses with lots of room to spare. It just doesn’t make economic sense to turn 10% of your living area into a cobweb-filled, little-used space, especially if you are going to use it for a hobby that you were spending money to do outside the home.

Now, having said all this, you certainly don’t want to make your child feel they are not welcome in your home. But there is a way to do this without leaving their room just as it is, as some sort of shrine to their childhood. Keep a few carefully chosen pieces that represent the place they have in your home and your heart, and display them in your new reading room or game room.  This will go a long way toward making them feel like they have come home when they come to visit.

Those of us who live out West don’t usually have the luxury of using basements and attics to store all our unused stuff. If you repurpose your child’s room, but need to keep their bedroom furniture just in case they have to move back at some point, or you decide you need a guest room more than a yoga room, you’re going to need a storage unit. If you live in the Phoenix area, there are several Dollar Self Storage facilities available that are clean, safe, and secure!

Using a Storage Unit While Remodeling Your Home

remodelingRemodeling your home can be a nerve-wracking experience.  Aside from the obvious expense, the disruption of your life can be a huge factor in your decision to proceed with the renovation. Loud hammers and sanders, smelly glue and varnish, dust and debris everywhere, strangers in your home at all hours of the day – make no mistake, it is a noisy, messy experience. But if all goes well, the payoff can be tremendous. You will reap the benefits for years to come.

So how to survive the remodel without losing your sanity?  Here are a few tips: Continue reading

Adult Children Who Use Their Parents’ House as a Storage Unit

toysI made a shocking discovery recently: when your kids grow up and move out, they don’t take their stuff with them. Oh sure, they take the Xbox and all your good wine glasses, but the lifetime supply of Legos and their soccer trophies? Not so much.

To be fair, it is tough when you are first starting out in life. When you are living in a one bedroom apartment, you simply don’t have the room to take possession of all your childhood memories. Not to mention the fact that it is difficult for young people to know what keepsakes they will find most meaningful years from now. But I did see one really valuable piece of advice on this website about simplifying: the fewer things you keep, the more special they are. When your grandmother gives you a small keepsake box filled with precious memories she wants to share with you, it is a very moving moment. If, on the other hand, she has to have a forklift drop a packing crate on your front lawn filled with her precious memories … hmm, not the same thing at all.

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Extended Travel Storage

extended-travel-storageOccasionally the need arises for an extended leave of absence from your home or apartment. Maybe you are taking a long-term assignment for your job in another state or country. Or maybe, if you’re lucky, and have a nomadic streak, you have decided to take a year off and travel the world. Either way, you are going to have to do something with all your stuff.

There are a lot of things to consider in this situation:

  • Are you going to sell your home or give up your apartment?
  • If not, then, are you going to rent or sublet your home?
  • If so, are you going to rent it furnished or unfurnished?
  • If the renters have their own furniture, what are you going to do with yours?
  • And even if you rent it furnished, what are you going to do with all your stuff?

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Spotlight on Henderson


Lake Las Vegas in Henderson, Nevada

Henderson, Nevada was “Born in America’s Defense” in the 1940’s when the Basic Magnesium Plant was opened to mine the much-needed ore for the war effort. Around 14,000 people flocked to a previously uninhabited area of the desert between Boulder City and Las Vegas, which in 1941 was a tiny railroad watering station. From that historic beginning, Henderson has grown from a small “company town” to the second largest city in Nevada, with a population of over 275,000.

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