Saving Space in the Dorm Room

In the midst of summer, planning for the next school year may be the last thought on students’ minds. Parents with children preparing to go away to college may want to begin planning and packing now, as to not feel rushed at the last minute. With little space for storage in dorm rooms and shared apartments, it is important that incoming students pack the essentials first; however, this doesn’t mean that they must leave sentimental items behind. One great way to save memories without taking up additional space is by making a no-sew t-shirt blanket.

Start by collecting 28 t-shirts that are no longer worn. Band, vacation, and old school t-shirts are great options to consider for this project. Next, you will gather the rest of your materials: a pair of scissors, one marker, 1.5 yards of soft fabric, and a 12×12 inch piece of cardboard.

This project is worked up using these steps:

  1. Cut the designs off the t-shirts.
  2. Choose the layout of each t-shirt, laying each shirt down flat.
  3. Assemble the shirts together in rows by cutting small strips on the sides and tying the strips together. You will continue this for each row, until you are ready to assemble the rows together.
  4. Assemble the rows by cutting strips into each of the corners and tying those corners together.
  5. Attach your 1.5 yards of soft fabric to the back of your t-shirt blanket by cutting and tying strips from the entire perimeter of both the t-shirt side and the soft fabric side.

You can find the entire list of simple instructions on Instructables.

This blanket would make a great gift for a family member or friend who is heading off to college!

We understand that parents of new college students may need more storage options for their other sentimental items. Have a student bound for ASU or University of Arizona? We have storage facilities in both the Phoenix and Tucson areas. How, about UNLV? Check out our Las Vegas area storage locations. Southern California – we’ve got you covered, there, too. This will allow students to pack only what they need, while also helping them have close access to treasured items they may not currently have room for.

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