What Size Storage Unit Do I Need

Large Storage UnitOnce you’ve made the decision to get a storage unit, the next big decision is deciding the size of the unit to meet your needs.  Here at Dollar Self Storage, we have many different amenities including storage units that range in size from 25-1000 square feet.  The goal in getting a unit is to make sure everything fits comfortably with enough room for you to access anything you may need in the unit.

Depending on your budget and level of activity you may end up wanting a little extra space or you may want to really pack it in. If you plan to move a lot of things in and out on a regular basis, it can be very convenient to have some empty space to shift things around and get at what you need without taking everything out each time. Budget tight and not planning on much access – getting just enough space to fit everything may be the best choice.

Unit sizes and availability vary in each of our locations. Our
Third Street, Corona, California facility is ideal for large storage needs (up to 1000 sq. ft.) – although availability of those units can be scarce.

Now different people pack different ways and various items can take up more space than you’d think. That said, here is a rough estimate of how much you may be able to store in some of our units. 

 25 sq. ft.:  About the size of a home closet.  This would be the perfect size for storing some boxes, filing cabinets and other small items

 50 sq. ft.:  Imagine what you could fit into a small studio apartment.  That’s about the amount of space you are working with here. 

 75 sq. ft.: Think of the size of a 1-bedroom apartment.  That’s about what you would be able to store here.  Furniture, dining sets, sporting equipment and even bicycles would be idea in this space.

100 sq. ft.: Ideal for storing the contents of a 2-bedroom space.  Larger items like an entertainment center and other large appliances or pieces of furniture would be great in this space.

200 sq. ft.: This size is great for cars, boats, and other vehicles.  You could fit a small car with enough room to put some other small personal items, furniture or sporting equipment.

250 sq. ft.: Think furnishings for a small house with appliances. Comparable to a small one car garage.

 300 sq. ft.:  This amount of space would allow you to store furnishings for a three bedroom house. If you could fit it in a 40-foot moving van, it will probably fit in a unit this size. This would be ideal for someone selling a home and needing to store the contents of the home while in transition.

That’s a pretty rough estimate of some of the more popular storage unit sizes.  Dollar Self Storage will have a unit to accommodate your needs and you can rest easy knowing your valuables are safe with us.  Call us today for a availability!

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