Valentine’s Date Ideas

Valentine in Storage BoxHas your wallet just recovered from Christmas and now you’re sweating Valentine’s Day?!  Well have no fear!  You don’t have to go the traditional route with roses, chocolates and dinner reservations at a fancy restaurant that will charge you twice the amount that they normally would with their Valentine’s fixed priced menu.

Part-Time Money put together a list of 33 inexpensive and non-cheesy Valentine’s ideas that are sure to please your significant other.  Here are just a few of our favorites:

  1. Acts of Service

Who doesn’t love a little extra help around the house?  Surprise your loved one by doing a few of their chores for them: dishes, laundry, cleaning up, sweeping the floor or grocery shopping.  It’s a sweet gesture that will be greatly appreciated (and unexpected)!

  1. No Phones for 24 Hours

Are you like most other Americans who are so attached to their phone that they rarely are present with the people around them?  Give your loved one the gift of your undivided attention and turn your phone off for the day. Just spend the day talking and really listening to that special person in your life –  undistracted, unrushed and uninterrupted.  You might find that this is a gift to yourself, too.

  1. Make a Homemade Meal Together

Instead of spending a ton of money going to a crowded restaurant, find a recipe you both either love or would love the try. Get the ingredients together and spend some time in the kitchen preparing the meal.  Turn on some music, pour a little wine and just enjoy doing something new together.  The bonus is you’ll have something delicious to eat after!

While Dollar Self Storage can’t help you do any of the things above, we can help you with these super-romantic activities:

  • Clean out your garage! Nothing says romance like an orderly garage – and being able to park the car in it as the days start to get hotter, again.
  • Redo a room! Time to re-purpose one of those extra rooms. You thought you were going to sew up a storm or work on crafts – but it’s just not happening. So time to store the table and sewing machine and go to plan B.  Maybe a music room was the way to go.
  • Rotate out some pictures and lamps! The last time you redecorated you stashed that extra art and antique lamps that you loved but that didn’t fit in with the new theme.  We’ll times change and maybe what’s old can be new, again.

So take a trip to your storage unit or if you don’t have a unit – maybe it’s time pull the trigger on a 10×10. You won’t be sorry.

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