Unconventional Storage

hoover damIn a recent article from SFGate.com, it was reported that in the recent heat wave that caused temperatures in parts of the Western U.S. to skyrocket into triple digits, snow melt was accelerated. With the high temperatures turning snow into water, 12 billion gallons of H2O poured into Lake Tahoe in the last week.  That’s over 18,000 Olympic sized swimming pools!

Lakes and reservoirs are one of the main ways we store water – and they are crucial in dry areas like the Southwestern United States.  After the outlet from a natural lake has been damned, the water level can then be regulated in order to match the amount of rainfall, snow melt, and needs of the surrounding community.

These lakes aren’t only great for storing water, they are a fantastic place to kick back and relax.  Millions of families visit lakes every year, whether its to water ski, go on a boat ride, or simply soak up the sun, there is something for everyone.  These lakes serve a dual purpose benefiting the communities and wildlife around them. Although it isn’t necessarily the first thing you would think of when discussing storage, they are a great example of just one of the many ways the concept of storing something for later use makes sense!

So the next time your family is floating down Lake Mead, NV and wondering where to store your additional household goods – be sure to check out our Henderson, NV storage facility just 30 minutes away.  Or, if you are looking for boat, jet-ski, or RV storage convenient to Canyon Lake – our Apache Junction location is super convenient.

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