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KODA, the movable concrete house by Kodasema

KODA, the movable concrete house by Kodasema

Sometimes we’re asked if you can store the contents of your entire house in one of our units.  In the case of a KODA house, you could store the whole house.

This new addition to the world of tiny houses is a movable concrete house that takes just seven hours to set up, and packs an amazing amount of comfort and innovation into less than 270 square feet. Designed and built by an Estonian company called Kodasema, the houses are easy on the environment and on your wallet.  Some of the features that set KODA apart:

  • solar panels on the roof
  • use of smart systems
  • thin but well-insulated walls
  • quadruple glazing
  • innovative LED lighting and architecture which makes maximum use of sun

And the best part is that you can pick it up and move it whenever you want. You can even move it to face the sun or get a better view according to the seasons. (You will need a little equipment for this, but still, haven’t you ever wanted to move your house?)

The move to smaller is definitely on. As we mentioned before in our post about micro apartments, there are some things to consider before you downsize. If you are thinking about going small in a big way, you might want to consider using a self-storage unit to extend the viability of your living quarters at a much smaller cost than adding those square feet to your home to heat, cool, and clean.

You can also use a storage unit to store all your stuff while you try out the whole smaller-is-better idea. Kind of like a safety net. If you love the simplicity of your new tiny digs, then you can let go of all those unnecessary furnishings. But it you hate it, you don’t have to go out and buy new stuff.

If you are thinking about going small, don’t forget that Dollar Self Storage has facilities in California, Arizona, and Nevada that are clean, safe, and secure. Our friendly managers will be glad to help you find a storage unit that is neither too big, nor too small, but just right!





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