Spring Cleaning – Part Two

vacuumOkay, so in the last post, we talked about spring cleaning and renewal. We talked about the history of spring cleaning, and we talked about how easy we have it nowadays, and we talked about dust bunnies. We may be approaching the moment when we have to stop talking about cleaning and actually start doing it. But wait! First, we have to assemble our tools and cleaning products.

If you have wandered down the cleaning products aisle lately, you know it can be pretty overwhelming. There is a movement afoot to return to simpler, less toxic ingredients, and there are a number of places on the web where you can find recipes for homemade cleaning products. Here is a good example.

Once you are armed with your cleaning products, there are a few tools you will need as well: a large bucket to tote your cleaning supplies in (and to use for mopping), some microfiber cloths for dusting (although, old, clean, cut-up t-shirts work well, too), some sponges, rubber gloves, a vacuum cleaner, and a mop. Well, I guess it’s finally time to get to work.

One final note: it’s always a good idea to break your work down into smaller chunks. You might want to tackle one room a day until it’s all done. Same thing goes for de-cluttering: find just one thing a day that you can bear to part with, and in a month you’ll be amazed at how much clearer your space feels.

And for you folks in Phoenix, spring comes extra early. If you want to store some things away to make room for the cleaning project, we have storage facilities in these locations:

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