Spotlight on Tucson

Tucson, ArizonaLocated 118 miles southeast of Phoenix and just 60 miles north of the Mexican border, Tucson is the second largest city in the state (after Phoenix) and a major city in the Arizona Sun Corridor.

With an elevation of 2,643 feet, and surrounded by five mountain ranges, Tucson is cooler and wetter than Phoenix. It has a monsoon season from late June through early September, and averages a surprising 11 inches of rain a year, even though it is a desert climate, with highs in the summer routinely exceeding 100 degrees.

Tucson is an old city with a rich history, having been first visited by Paleoamericans 12,000 years ago, and home to many subsequent Native Americans, Mexicans, Spanish, and Americans. It is the oldest city in the state, having been incorporated in 1877, and is home to The University of Arizona, which was founded in 1885.

The city lies at the feet of the Tucson Mountains, the Santa Catalina Mountains, the Tortolita Mountains, the Santa Rita Mountains, and the Rincon Mountains. This means there is an impressive amount of outdoor activity available: mountain climbing, hiking, cycling, rock climbing, horseback riding, to name a few. One of our favorite places to visit is Sabino Canyon, a stunningly beautiful natural wonder set in the Santa Catalina Mountains.

Tucson hosts the annual Tucson Gem and Mineral show in February, the largest gem and mineral show in the United States, and a must-see for rock hounds of all types.

Tucson is also known for its vibrant art and culture scene. The University of Arizona, with a student population of over 35,000 students, attracts many notable artists and writers.

With its warm climate, beautiful scenery, and so many things to do and see, Tucson is a favorite for winter visitors escaping the severe weather in the northern part of the U.S. Whether you are a permanent resident or a snowbird, Dollar Self Storage has several Tucson locations that offer RV storage as well as climate-controlled storage units.

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