The Snowbird Lifestyle

open-roadAhh, you lucky snowbirds, it’s Fall again.  Flee the snow, seek the sun. It seems like such an ideal lifestyle, I think almost everyone gets the bug to try it — winter in the warm, southern part of the country then return home after the spring thaw, wherever home may be – Canada, Minnesota, Oregon (I think they call you folks rainbirds). Some people enjoy the snowbird lifestyle by actually owning or renting homes in two different locations. Then there are those adventurous souls who live in their RVs half the year, either returning to the same park and spending the winter with new (old) friends and favorite activities, or tapping into their inner gypsy and exploring new destinations all over the Sun Belt.

It sounds so perfect, and for many it is, but it takes a few key ingredients to really make it work:

  • Careful planning
  • A sound financial plan
  • Flexibility
  • A sense of adventure

The careful planning refers to preparing your cold climate home for your long absence. You need to winterize your home, make arrangements for snow removal on your walkways, and you will probably want to enlist a friend or relative to check on your house on a regular basis, removing flyers and making sure that the home looks occupied. You might even need to check with your insurance company to see if they require periodic walkthroughs during a long absence.

The sound financial plan sounds intimidating, but honestly, it doesn’t have to cost twice as much to live in two different places. Your utility costs for the empty home should be greatly reduced, and you can control your fuel costs by choosing your destinations wisely and planning longer stays.

The last two ingredients – flexibility and a sense of adventure – are what the snowbird lifestyle is all about. No rigid schedules are required, and opening yourself to new sights and experiences – even the challenges you may encounter along the way — can enrich your life in ways you hadn’t imagined. And you can go home whenever you want.

Here in the Southwest, we love snowbirds, and Dollar has them covered for RV storage no matter what their needs.  See if you recognize yourself in any of these scenarios:

  • Some of our customers live in places like Moosejaw, Alberta, and fly down every year to spend the winter touring the American Southwest. At the end of the winter, they store their RV at Dollar Self Storage and fly back to Canada.
  • Then there are the folks who live in Minnesota during the summer and in a condo in Phoenix during the winter. They drive down from Minnesota in their RV, and store it at Dollar Self Storage, taking it out for occasional side trips. At the end of the winter, they drive it back to Minnesota.
  • On the other hand, some of our customers live in a conventional home in Phoenix or Tucson, but also own an RV. If they can’t park it on their property, they can store it at two of our locations in the Phoenix area (Peoria and Apache Junction), and one in Tucson (Midvale).

Dollar Self Storage offers affordable, clean and secure RV storage. Our staff has been specially trained in providing you exceptional customer service to ensure that your vehicle is in the best hands. At select locations we provide:

  • Extended Access Hours
  • Fully Enclosed or Canopy Sheltered Spaces
  • Paved Driveways
  • Gated Perimeter
  • Coded Entry
  • State-of-the-Art Security (24 Hour Video Surveillance)
  • Wash Racks and Electrical Hook-Ups
  • Clean and Well Lit Facilities
  • Dump Station

Having safe and secure storage for your RV is one less thing to worry about, so welcome back snowbirds!

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