Self-Storage for Home Business Owners

picture-framesDo you run your business out of your home? Self-storage can save you time and money. If you let your inventory and supplies take over your work space, you are not going to work as efficiently, which can really drag down the profitability of your home business. Here are a number of scenarios where self-storage is a good idea:

  • Have a lawn care service? Store vehicles, lawn mowers, and other equipment, etc. in a storage unit instead of trying to store it in front of your home where you might run into zoning restrictions.
  • Selling stuff on eBay or Etsy? Store your inventory in a storage unit so it doesn’t impact the quality of life in your home.
  • Do you custom build items, like wood cabinets? Store them in a storage unit so you have room to continue working in your workshop.
  • Are you an artist? Like to work with extra-large canvases or life-size sculptures? Extend your studio with a self-storage unit.

In addition to the obvious advantage of extra space, here are some other advantages for home business owners:

  • You can use your storage unit as a kind of virtual showroom, setting up displays that you can photograph to post online or show to prospective buyers.
  • Most storage facilities accept commercial deliveries, so you don’t have to be home to receive an important shipment.
  • Month-to-month lease terms offer great flexibility, and you can upsize or downsize the size of your storage unit whenever you need to.
  • If you have large equipment you need to store, Dollar Self Storage on Third Street in Corona has units up to 1,000 square feet, individual alarms, and garage door openers.

Self-storage can take your home business to the next level!

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