Mothballing the Fleet

shipEver wonder what to do when you have something really big to store?  Ask the U.S. government. They have been mothballing fleets of military ships since World War II, off the coast of California, Texas, Mississippi, North Carolina and New Jersey. Photographer Amy Heiden was allowed access to the fleet in Suisun Bay in Northern California, and captured some dramatic and haunting images of the ghost ships. The Suisun Bay fleet used to number as many as 340 ships. That number is dwindling, as ships that have outlived their usefulness are dismantled and scrapped. (One ship in Suisun Bay avoided that fate — the USS Iowa, which was moved to San Pedro and is now an official naval museum.)

Dollar Self Storage in Corona offers storage units up to 1,000 square feet at our Third Street location. Not big enough for a battleship, perhaps, but if you looking to “mothball” your riding lawnmower, it might be just the ticket!


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