Who Needs Healthcare When You Have Shelf Space

With all the talk about healthcare and who’s in charge or should be in charge – sometimes we need to look to ourselves to take charge. One area we can do just that is by creating a less hazardous home.

Think of a clutter-free home as a great way to stay healthy by avoiding accidents. Countless people are injured every year when they trip over objects in the home or garage – objects that would normally be safely tucked out of the way – if only there were enough room.Messy-Garage
Of course, we’d recommend a self storage unit to free up space in your home but there are other solutions, too. You could have a garage sale, return items back to their owners, bulky item pick-ups by your local sanitation department, and many others.

So the next time you:

  • stumble over something when negotiating a path through your garage
  • wince as your child rides his bike within inches of the car because that’s all the room there is to get by
  • overextend your reach trying to shove yet one more item onto an already overloaded shelf

… take some action – get rid of some clutter and have a safer day!

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