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Our self-storage location managers are often asked how much will fit into a 5×5, a 10×15, or 10×20,  storage unit. Sometimes they answer by saying that you can fit the contents of a 1 bedroom apartment into it, or it that a certain size will accommodate a 2 bedroom house. Well, the way things are trending around the world, we may need to come up with some different descriptions.

What used to be touted as “NY’s Smallest Apartment” or “London’s Tiniest Flat”, now have a name of their own – micro apartments. Wikepedia defines these accommodations as being between
150 and 300 square feet. But do a search on the Internet and you’ll quickly find them a lot smaller, too.


Micro Apartment

From the Making Room Exhibit – Museum City of New York

CNNMoney’s, Les Christie did a feature on the Anti-McMansion – describing the hot trend in places like Seattle, Portland and San Francisco. And the Museum City of New York devoted an exhibit to “Making Room: New Models for Housing New Yorkers“.

Personally, I don’t think you’ll catch me renting a micro apartment anytime soon. Whereas I don’t mind packing lots of stuff into a small space where storage units are concerned, I’d just as soon have some living space surrounding me on a day to day basis!

So how much stuff will fit into a storage unit? Here are some estimates of just a few of our available sizes:

  • 1 bedroom appt.: 10×10 storage unit
  • 2 bedroom appt: 10×15 storage unit
  • 2-3 bedroom residence: 10’x20’ storage unit

(Note: Unfortunately we are not allowed to let you to live in any of our fine storage units – no matter how clean, safe and secure they are)

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