How to Choose a Lock for Your Storage Unit

We have been locking up our valuables for a very long time. Six thousand years ago, people used ropes and complicated knots to ward off robbers. Then the Ancient Egyptians invented a pin tumbler lock made entirely of wood.  It is believed the Romans were the first to use metal for their locks. These days, although high security government facilities may be moving toward futuristic biometrics to keep things secure (think eye scans), most of us still rely on the traditional lock and key. With every new innovation in the technology of locks, the principal remains the same: limit access to your stuff to those with the key!

So what sort of lock should you use for your storage unit? Most self-storage facilities have on-site security, of course, but you will still need to purchase a lock for your individual storage unit. Here are some standard types of locks used, with their pros and cons:

  • Traditional and combination padlocks: This may be the first lock you consider when it is time to lock up your storage unit, and you probably have a couple lying around at home. The problem with this type of lock is that, because of its long hasp (the u-shaped arm) it is easily defeated with a bolt cutter. The combination locks are also fairly easy to pick.
  • Chain Lock: If you were thinking about using your old bike lock to lock up your storage unit, you might want to think again. Like traditional padlocks, these are easily cut with a bolt cutter, and are not the ideal lock for a storage unit.
  • Disc Lock: (Pictured above) The beauty of disc locks is that they are as simple in design as a padlock, but much hard to defeat because access to the “arm” is very limited, and it is difficult to slide a bolt cutter in there. They are also more difficult to defeat with a lockpick.

Disc locks are definitely the way to go for a storage unit. Choosing a disc lock ensures that someone who is not authorized to have access to your property will simply move along to easier “pickings”, so to speak, because it is not worth the hassle to try to defeat your disc lock.

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