Back to School in Another Town

College studentGive your college student the benefit of extra storage all year long.

Back to school. The same simple phrase that strikes terror into the heart of school-age children everywhere brings secret delight to parents. Back to order. Back to routine. Back to a cup of tea in a quiet house.

If your child is a college student, back to school means back to campus – perhaps in another town, even another state. College students have a special relationship with storage units. Many college students who go to school far from their homes have to figure out what to do with their belongings over the summer break each year. Self-storage is a smart and handy solution that makes these times a little more hassle-free for both students and parents.

If you take advantage of self-storage in this way for your college student, you might want to consider keeping that storage unit all year long for them. There are several benefits to this idea:

  • Clothing. If they go to school in a “four season” state, their wardrobe requirements are going to be bigger than in the more temperate regions. Student housing isn’t known for spacious walk-in closets. And if your college student is a girl, well, just quadruple whatever seems like a reasonable amount of clothes.
  • Recreational equipment. If your kid loves to ski, and they are going to school in Colorado, it just seems cruel to not let them take their skis. And poles. And boots. Going to UC Santa Barbara? Gotta take the surfboard. Same for tents, backpacking equipment, and so forth.
  • Extra space for you. Even if seeing a lot of their things missing from your house makes you a little sad, you have to admit it’s nice to have the extra space.
  • Avoid the rush. Doing the intermittent seasonal storage puts you at a disadvantage because you are attempting to find a storage unit at the same time hundreds, or even thousands of other students are doing the same thing. Keeping the storage unit all year simplifies this, as well as giving you all the other benefits.

Here are some universities that are close to Dollar Self Storage locations:

If you don’t see a location convenient to you listed here, we have many more; check our main site for all locations. When visiting your nearest Dollar Self Storage locations, be sure to ask about student discounts.

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