Using Your Storage Unit for Offsite Computer Backups

hard-diskMost of us understand the importance of backing up our computers. These days, so much of our lives is stored on our hard drive – family photos, financial data, our entire music library – all it takes is one fatal crash to underscore how vulnerable our digital information is. But it is also important to understand that backing up your computer involves more than one backup done on an external hard drive sitting next to your computer.

As explained in this article, current standard protocol dictates that you have at least two backups, and that at least one of them be stored offsite. The obvious extreme example of why this is a good idea is that if your house burns down, you will still have access to important files. “Offsite” increasingly means in the cloud, but not everyone is comfortable with this idea. A great old-school option is to have a second external hard drive that you store in a separate physical location. Now, your mom’s house might seem like a logical second location, but you might want to consider a storage unit, especially if you already have one.

An external hard drive stored in your storage unit is safe from any disaster that might strike your home, like theft or fire. (Check out our post on how to safely store computer equipment. Once a month (or more often if you wish) you can bring home the drive and back up to it, then return It to your storage unit.

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