Storing Temperature-Sensitive Items


Even climate control can’t save your ice sculpture.

There are a number of factors that need to be considered when deciding whether or not to rent a climate-controlled storage unit. If you are storing things like garden tools, bicycles, or holiday decorations, or are doing very short-term storage, temperature variation might not be very important. But if you are storing items with a great sentimental or monetary value, you might want to give serious thought to renting a climate-controlled unit.

Here are some materials that can be affected by extremes of temperature:

Wood (furniture) – can crack and warp from expanding and contracting as temperatures swing from extreme hot to extreme cold.

Paper and fabric (books, scrapbooks, photo albums, heirloom clothing) – yellowing and disintegration

Metals – rust and corrosion from humidity

Electronics – extreme temperatures and humidity can damage delicate electronic components, effectively ruining televisions, stereos, and the like.

Appliances – most appliances these days include electronic components, which makes them just as vulnerable to  harsh conditions as your television or computer; likewise, humidity can corrode the metal parts of your appliances.

Special collections (stamps, wine, comic books, etc.) – very susceptible to temperature and humidity, and, after all, you gone to all the trouble to collect them, you certainly want to keep them in “mint” condition.

Dollar Self Storage has locations all over the southwest where you can store your valuables. Be sure and talk to our friendly managers about the packing and storing supplies available for purchase on site, such as bubble wrap, paper pads, and plastic bags and covers, which can further protect your valuables.




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