Storage Scarcity

storage-unitsYou know what storage scarcity looks like in your house – overflowing closets and cupboards, and a garage you can’t park your car in. But even after you have committed to renting a storage unit, sometimes there is a scarcity of the right sized units. If you have your heart set on a 5’ x 5’ unit, for instance, and can’t find any in the storage facility near you, there are some strategies you can employ to solve this problem.

First, and foremost, make sure you have calculated your space requirements carefully. Measure your furniture and boxes, then do a mock-up on paper of how the items will be stored. Although it is tempting to go for the smallest possible space, take into consideration how important accessibility is. If you will need to access the contents, it is wise to take a larger space so that you can leave an aisle all the way to the back of your storage unit. Then you won’t have to unpack the entire unit to get something from the back. You may discover that a 5’ x 10’ or even a 10’ x 10’ will be a better choice.

Second, if you are very sure about the size you need, and it is still not available, speak with the manager of your storage facility. They will be glad to work with you to meet your needs, and will contact you when something is available.

Third, if you live in Southern California, please be aware that Dollar Self Storage is opening two brand new facilities in the near future – one in Irvine and one in Jurupa Valley – where you can get in on the “ground floor” so to speak, and have your choice of units! Contact them today to arrange a tour or reserve a space.

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