Old Clothes, New Space


storing-kids-clothesKids grow fast.  Before you know it, your little one will be walking, then going to school, then even driving.  All these milestones are incredibly exciting, and watching your child grow up is a joy.  Buying new clothes every six months – not so much.  Kids often grow out of their clothes so quickly, especially as babies, that their clothes can look brand new.  Often times, parents will donate these clothes or give them away to friends so someone else can benefit.

New parents might be overwhelmed by the bags of clothes friends give them, some of them months or years away from being used.  It seems silly to refuse free clothes, especially when a child might only wear them for a short period of time.  This is a perfect time to make use of a storage unit.  Instead of adding clutter to your house with more clothes that might not be necessary for quite some time, put them in storage to save on space!  Safestor in the UK has a blog with some helpful tips on preparing clothes to be stored for the long term.

Other parents aren’t the only ones that could provide hand-me-downs.  If you are planning on having another child, chances are many clothing items from the first child can be reused. After the eldest grows out of their clothes, put them in storage instead of cramming them into a too small closet.  You will be happy about the saved space in the house as well as knowing that when child #2 comes around, it’s going to be much cheaper!

If you happen to be in the Southern California storage region, keep those hand-me-downs in great condition by using one of our clean, air-conditioned units!

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