The Mother’s Day Question

chocolatesFlowers and candy are nice, but what do Moms really want? An age-old question to which there is no single answer, but one thing is for sure, a little help around the house is always appreciated. Whenever I used to ask my mom what she wanted for Mother’s Day, she always answered “I want you to clean your room.” I thought that was a joke, so I ignored it, but now I think I get it. Moms are frequently held accountable for the appearance of the home, at least in their own minds. Other members of the family look only at their own clutter and think “what’s the big deal?” but Mom sees all of it. She may spend hours getting one area cleared up, only to turn around and find her work undone within minutes. I can see how that might be frustrating.

So this year, instead of a box of chocolates from which you have stolen a few pieces, maybe consider taking a look around you through “Mom’s” eyes. What would really light those eyes up? Finding a better place to store your skateboard so she doesn’t do an unintentional ollie on her way to take the garbage out?  Moving your golf clubs so she doesn’t have to relive her circus contortionist days to get out of the car? Finally taking all the stuff that you are storing at the bottom of the stairs to your room so she doesn’t have to pole vault her way to the top? You get the idea. An uncluttered home will boost her endorphins more than that whole box of chocolates, and you will be the hero.

We always see our own clutter as completely necessary and other people’s clutter as useless trash. Mom might be wrong when she complains that you never use that exercise equipment and it is just taking up space. But if you are honest with yourself, she might be right. Maybe there’s no time in your schedule for an hour on the treadmill right now, but there will be time later, so you don’t want to get rid of it. But you could considering storing it. The beauty of this solution is that it makes Mom happy, and it relieves you of the guilt of looking at it every day until you have time to commit to it again.

Dollar Self Storage has locations throughout the Southwest with clean and secure units where you can store a few things until you have more room, or are ready to let them back into your life. Do it for Mom!

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