Food Truck Culture in Mesa, Arizona

tacosIt is a 21st century fact that food from a truck has been elevated to high culinary art. It used to be something you would only eat if there were absolutely no other options. Now it is something people will drive miles and stand in long lines for. How did this happen? Well, some people point to the economic recession as a factor; others talk about the high cost of building out a brick and mortar restaurant.

But I think it has a lot to do with avid foodies and their ever expanding taste profiles. They want Thai food one night, tacos al pastor the next, and Korean barbecue the night after that. This has been made possible by innovative chefs who have taken the food truck to new heights, often bringing little known world cuisines to an eagerly awaiting crowd. Because foodies are fickle, it might be risky to open an actual restaurant serving Filipino pork sisig and tosilog burritos, but serving it from a food truck? Bring it on!

In Mesa, Arizona, you can immerse yourself in this culinary world tour every Saturday from September through June at the Mesa Feastival Forest. This fun event takes place under the stars in Pioneer Park, surrounded by trees covered in fairy lights, and features live music and more food trucks than you can shake a stick at. You can find a link to their weekly food truck lineup on their Facebook page.

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