Dorms: Not Just For College Students

Private Bedroom with Kitchenette in Communal Living Home

Private Bedroom in a Starcity Communal Living Home

College.  It wasn’t just about going to school and getting that degree to end up at your dream job.  It was about making new friends, creating memories and for many of us dorm style living.  Most of us either lived in a dorm on campus or we rented an apartment/condo/home with our friends off campus.  Regardless of the location we can remember needing to share a bathroom, living room, kitchen and possibly a bedroom with other people.   Sure there were some not so great things – like having to go to the bathroom and your roommate was taking the world’s longest shower, but aside from that, the feeling of sharing a space, dividing housework up, paying less in rent and constantly having people around to interact with was lots of fun.  

Enter Starcity.  Starcity is a company whose goal is to redefine what home really is.   They currently only have housing in San Francisco, but I could see the idea of community housing taking off and showing up in all major cities.  Starcity is community living at its finest.  Yes, you share a bathroom, kitchen, and living room, but each resident has their own bedroom, which comes fully furnished.   The cost for this kind of living ranges from $1,400 to $2,400 a month (which includes utilities and wi-fi), and is far less expensive in comparison to the average one-bedroom apartment rent in San Francisco of $3,300 a month.  Residents have been raving about Starcity housing, saying that they feel they are connected and part of a community.  Starcity offers luxuries at an additional cost such as laundry, pet sitting, and bedroom cleaning.  Most people who live in these homes are middle-income individuals who have realized that they don’t like eating, drinking wine, or watching TV alone, so why on earth would they pay double the rent to do these things by themselves?

Interested?  If the idea of community living interests you, it might not be a bad idea to check out the Starcity properties and look into other adult dorm style living accommodations now popping up in most major cities.  Since you won’t be needing much of the furniture and other appliances you may currently have in your home now, why not rent a storage unit from us so you can make sure dorm style living is for you before you sell all those possessions?  We have convenient locations near major cities in California, Arizona and Nevada.

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